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It has been a tough 2 years to be studying for GCSEs, however, Year 11 at Pitsford School have taken it in their stride and delivered the best set of results that the school has ever seen.

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Emotional opening of GCSE results: Outstanding grades secured from both Hannah and Adele
Emotional opening of GCSE results: Outstanding grades secured from both Hannah and Adele

12th August 2021 — Pitsford School's GCSE students have secured the best ever results in the school's history in what has been the most challenging two years any students have faced in living memory. A global pandemic, online classes and self isolation have marked the 2 years of GCSE study for this group. Seemingly undaunted by the challenges they have all faced, the cohort saw 97% secure grades 9-4. However, it is the fact that over one in five grades secured by the Class of 2021 were the best possible '9' (21% of grades) and an extraordinary 57% of grades being 7-9 (which in old money is grade A*-A) which marks this year group's place in the school history books for all the right reasons.

That the students have done so well reflects very well on them: the school had each student undertake a number of assessments which determined the teacher assessed grade, which were rigorously marked according to exam board criteria and were then scrutinised for Quality Assurance by Ofqual. These superb results have been earned and are well-deserved and reflect the seriousness of the students, their talent and the commitment of their teachers to supporting their success.

Despite being able to access their grades online, many students still chose to come into school to open their envelopes with their friends. The Hall was filled with the excited chatter of the students as they caught up with each other, discussed grades and their next steps.

It is difficult to single anyone out when all merit praise, but special mention must be made of Athul W who secured ten grade 9s, as well as Adele C, Erin J, Jonathan S, Dillon B and James R who almost equalled that incredible trawl. Well done to all Year 11 Pitsfordians - keep shining, the future is at its brightest today.

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Pitsford School (Coed 4-18) is a day school in Northamptonshire.

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