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Determined Highfield and Brookham Schools pupils sock it to the bullies!

Children make a stand against bullying. Wonderful array of mix-and-match footwear sends a firm message on Odd Socks Day

Photo: Highfield and Brookham Schools
Highfield School children with their diverse footwear on Odd Socks Day
Highfield School children with their diverse footwear on Odd Socks Day

24th November 2021 — It may have seemed odd but the message was clear – we’ll beat the bullies!

That was the firm vow from children at Highfield and Brookham Schools, who gave their full support to Odd Socks Day in order to give bullying the big heave-ho.

Odd Socks Day was the brainchild of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and kicked off Anti-Bullying Week, which gave people the chance to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique.

And children and staff alike at the independent school in Liphook certainly stepped up as they donned all manner of barmy and colourful combinations of fancy footwear in a bid to help stamp out the societal scourge that is bullying.

Highfield Headmaster Phillip Evitt said: “The culture of bullying is something that we are acutely aware of as a school and we go to great lengths to educate our children as to why it is so wrong and how damaging it can be, and also what they can do if they are indeed being bullied in any way themselves.

“So I was filled with great pride to see so many of our children put their full weight behind Odd Socks Day with such relish with a marvellous array of weird and wonderful footwear. It was quite a feat!”

Highfield and Brookham Schools (Coed 2-13) is a day and boarding school in Hampshire.

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