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Lacrosse Girls in Talent Programme

Six Bolton School Girls’ Division pupils have been selected for the England Lacrosse Talent Programme.

Photo: Bolton School Girls' Division
Bolton School girls selected to the England Lacrosse Talent Programme
Bolton School girls selected to the England Lacrosse Talent Programme

11th June 2021 — Last month, a number of girls trialled for this development programme, which is designed to identify players who have the potential to represent their sport at national level and to raise the performance of junior girls at England Under 19 level.

Five girls in Year 8 were successfully selected for the Talent Programme. They were Amelia Crompton, Hannah Faulkner, Lily-Grace Greer, Olivia Laithwaite and Evie Morris. Congratulations also go to Alexia Howarth in Year 9, who was also accepted onto the Talent Programme.

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We understand that the best learning takes place when girls feel cherished, understood and secure. In our friendly and respectful, single sex environment, girls of all ages and backgrounds are free to relax and enjoy each other's company without feeling self conscious. They forge strong friendships to support and sustain them throughout their lives. They also have the opportunity to get to know members of the Boys’ Division through participation in extra-curricular activities alongside them.

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