Taking transitions in your stride

Two heads have shared ideas on how children can take transitions in their stride – whether it's going up a year or moving school. Paula Mortimer of Lady Eleanor Holles and Mark Mortimer of Bryanston School were speaking on the Fresh Thinking podcast.

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29th June 2021 — Some transitions are bigger than others – from pre-prep to prep or moving to a new senior school.

But what can parents do to help their children take these moments of change with ease?

For Paula Mortimer, Head of the Junior School at Lady Eleanor Holles in London, the key thing is to encourage children to embrace change in a positive way.

"And that's where you get that sense of enjoyment because there are so many new opportunities available, quite often, when things do change," she says.

"It's how we present it, how we encourage them to think about things in a positive way, so they don't miss out – so they are not held back by that fear of what may happen."

Mark Mortimer, Headmaster of Bryanston School in Dorset, agrees.

"I think it is really important that what we don't do is sort of 'demonise' change," he says.

"The qualities I look for in pupils and staff here is that when faced with something new, they say – or their attitude is – 'I have never done that so I will give it a go'..."

"I think that ability to welcome and embrace change is really important and schools can help with that by encouraging it, talking about it and making it something not to be feared but actually to be enjoyed."

Both Heads were discussing the topic in the final episode of Fresh Thinking for the Summer term.

Fresh Thinking will return in September.

Paula Mortimer of Lady Eleanor Holles and Mark Mortimer of Bryanston School discuss how to manage change.

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