Fresh Thinking

Join Attain’s Editor as he talks to leading Heads, as well as other special guests, about the issues affecting schools and features today. Our 'Fresh Thinking' programme is published every Wednesday during term time and you can listen via your favourite podcast app.

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About Fresh Thinking

Almost 15 years ago, we started Attain – a new type of magazine to help features and staff at independent schools. From what began as a small publication quickly became the leading magazine of the sector – enjoyed by features and Heads alike.

We know our readers value our mix of features, opinion pieces and news. But the debates and discussions surrounding education often move quickly. We want to go beyond the confines of a termly magazine and talk about the issues affecting schools today.

And that’s where our Fresh Thinking programme comes in. It’s all the best aspects of Attain but in a convenient new format.

Join Attain's Editor, Matthew Smith, as he talks to some of the leading Heads in the country, as well as some other special guests.

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You can listen to Fresh Thinking on the Attain website or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.